• Weight:    1600gr
  • Dimensions Torch head:   58mm  120mm
  • Dimensions Battery canister:  63mm 230mm
  • Cable length:   1,1m
  • Charging time:   4 hours

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What's in the box 

  • Geotere diving torch
  • Goodman handle
  • Charger
  • Carrying bag
  • Battery pack belt mount 

To order a Geotere diving torch please send us an email to sales@phaethoncavinglight.com. Please  inform us about the destination country.

Payment may be made by PAYPAL or Bank Transfer (IBAN).

  • 7 XML LEDs giving up to 7300 lumens
  • 5 brightness modes
  • 70 minutes duration at 7300 lumens
  • From 10 up to 50 degrees optic
  •  Li-Poly battery pack with protection circuit
  • Smart electronic current management
  • Overheating protection
  • Voltage notification
  • Sealed battery
  • No need to remove battery for charging
  • Magnetic rotating switch on the head
  • Goodman handle​

      Geotere is a primary light for technical diving specially designed for use in caves. With 7 XML LEDs and a maximum output of 7300 lumens, it is a very powerful light for deep dives or cave diving. It has 5 levels of brightness and this makes it ideal for many kinds of diving in various conditions.

     The head is made of anodized 6082 aluminium and houses a  rotary magnetic switch which is very easy to operate. It has been tested at -120 m depth but it is designed for far deeper.

     The canister is made from Derlin and the battery is charged by removing the cap and attaching the connectors - the battery does not need to be removed from the canister. The battery itself is sealed within the canister, reducing risk of damage, if the cap is opened underwater.  

1 week
8 hours
2h 30 min
1h 10min

geotere Diving torch

Powerful       7300 lumens

warranty - services

   We  provide free repair and limited lifetime warranty service for our products. We guarantee that the Geotere diving torch you have purchased has been constructed by hand to the highest standard and individually tested as to its waterproofing. If there should be any defect in the materials or manufacturing of your lamp, we will replace or repair the faulty part and return the lamp in fully working order.



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some words about geotere

The Lamp is named GeoTere in the memory of our good friend George Terezakis, who was a member of our team  and was involved in prototype testing of earlier models of what would develop into the GeoTere.