The Phaethon design fulfils all these requirements.

Now after the underground trips and cave dives of the past years, we can incorporate newer technologies as they become available and produce innovative caving lamps with unparallelled performance, built on our original body design.

All this was done with simplicity, durability and reliability being the key issues.

Our aim has always been the construction of exclusive quality lamps. This is the reason we run a small-quantity production line, in order to ensure that each lamp we make meets our strict standards.

Many fellow cavers as well as engineers have contributed with their experiences and their knowledge, and we would like to thank them all!

Some years later, we decided to focus on creating a caving lamp, that would also be able to be used in cave diving.   

After experimenting with many different designs we decided that we needed something compact, lightweight and robust, that could be also suitable for many other activities.

Starting from scratch we managed to design and build extremely powerful and reliable technical diving torches. The final design after some years of work was the Geotere.

about us

When 15 years ago we started caving, using incandescent and acetylene lamps, we could not imagine what the future of caving lights would have to offer.

Our need for better lighting conditions forced us to make modifications to the caving lamps commercially available. The same philosophy was adopted for the needs of cave diving with very impressive results.  

Despite the fact that the outcome was satisfactory, there was still room for further improvement.